Like an ice luge for your drink, the Cold Cork funnels liquid through a stainless-steel coil surrounded by a proprietary, food-grade cooling medium. The process will not alter the taste or composition of your drink—but will certainly make it a lot more enjoyable!

How It Works


Keep the Cold Cork in your freezer so it’s always ready to use.


When you’re ready to chill, simply attach the cork, insert into your bottle, and pour.


Enjoy your perfectly chilled drink!

That’s Cold

The Cold Cork rapidly chills a glass of wine or spirits by 20 degrees in 20 seconds. For red wine, pour your entire bottle through the Cold Cork and into a decanter to enjoy at perfect cellar temperature.

Preserves Taste

The Cold Cork utilizes a food-grade stainless steel coil that preserves taste and delivers your beverage exactly as desired—chilled and unadulterated.

Woman and Minority-Owned

If it wasn’t for our co-founder's unwillingness to drink warm or diluted wine, we wouldn’t be here. Vauz Inc. is proudly woman and minority owned.

No Space? No Problem.

Not everyone has a wine fridge and let’s be honest, refrigerators are always packed! The Cold Cork is compact—about the size of your hand—and fits easily into your freezer.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Cooling Technology

Cut the cord and use your freezer to charge the non-toxic, food-grade cooling gel. Rather than keeping bottles cold for weeks, the Cold Cork only chills what is poured. For the occasional drinker, Cold Corks can help reduce electricity consumption by eliminating the need for standalone wine refrigerators.

Ready To Chill?